Office Staff


Pioneer Valley Pediatrics has a dedicated support staff of about thirty individuals. Our staff has been here an average of twenty years! When a parent or patient calls PVP for an appointment, the greeting is usually personal, because the staff has gotten to know their patients and vice versa. We take the time to learn about the families who trust Pioneer Valley Pediatrics for their pediatric and adolescent care.

Practice Administrator: Anne Marie Ouimette 

Office Managers: Melinda Moran (Enfield)

Nursing Supervisor: Rose Girona

Clinical Nurse Manager: Ann Dalton

Operations Manager: Debra Brignoli 

Front Desk Supervisor: Ida Telerman

Business Assistant: Susan Martini 

Billing: Cheryl, Ida, Laurette and Jennifer

Front Desk: Betty, Ida, Lory, Karen, Lisa, Maryanne, Jessica, Christine, Carla and Jennifer

Triage: Debbi, Christine, Lory, Carla, Erin, Maggie, Rose, Danielle, Jen, Brittany, Teresa, Amanda and Amy

Rooms: Rose, Carla, Jessica, Maggie, Jen, Kelly P., Danielle, Kelly S., Kaylee, Teresa, Amanda, Amy and Tanya

Lactation: Gayle, Maggie and Jen T